“I was suffering with severe neck pain for over 6 months; I had received physical therapy, had taken time off work and had started strengthening exercises to help my pain. Despite all my efforts, my pain remained and I would wake a few times every night with neck pain.

Every time I tried to garden or lift weights my pain would get worse. I consulted with Michael and he explained that my pain was related to a Qi deficiency. I had two Qigong sessions with Michael, where he taught me the “balancing gong “sequence. Within two weeks of practising the sequence daily my pain completely disappeared.

I returned to sleeping a full night and resumed my normal daily activities. An unexpected side effect from my daily practise was a greater sense of peace, reduced stress levels, improved mood and greater overall energy levels.

I am grateful to Michael for introducing me to Qigong and helping me with my health and well being.


Louise Coughlan
Director / Physiotherapist






Michael discovered Qigong by default when his son had a serious injury and medical intervention had reached its zenith in helping him.

He realised that doing Qigong could not only help someone recover from injury but more importantly promote and maintain well being.

Over the years I have seen his health improve and observed positive changes in him that are a testimonial to the benefit and success of Qigong.

He practices what he preaches; Qigong is the first foremost priority in his life.

With his teaching of Qigong, he brings his knowledge and experience first hand to stimulate the self healing potential to all his students.

If your current calling in life is to start Qigong and take control of your life and energy (qi) and you want an honest down to earth teacher, Michael is the man for you!


Heiko Lade.

Director of The Acupuncture Clinic, Napier, New Zealand




Early in 2016 I noticed a very fit and energetic chap pass by my house on his daily walks. We had exchanged smiles and the odd wave, but one day as he walked past I decided to go outside and introduce myself. I wanted to meet this man who radiated such a warm, friendly and positive energy.

18 months later, Michael and I have become good friends, and I thoroughly enjoy our conversations over coffee.  I learned that Michael practiced Qigong and he strongly attributed his excellent health and well-being to Qigong, so naturally I was eager to find out more.

I urged Michael to run a workshop, as others I had spoken to about Qigong were also enthusiastic to learn more about this ancient Chinese art form.

The workshop was just brilliant. I am so delighted to have learned the first series of healing, meditative “Balancing Gong” poses. They are easy enough that I have the stamina and energy to do them and most importantly that each routine I do gives me new energy, a calming of my mind and centeredness.  I leant so much from Michael, he was willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions we had.

I now look forward to the next workshop Michael has planned, as I am eager to continue my Qigong journey. His teaching methods are engaging and his dedication is clear. Michael is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational….I can’t recommend him enough!


Sharon Blaikie

Businesswomen Tauranga New Zealand


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