Meditation and Qigong work together. Meditating has allowed me to develop a state of mind where I’ve found inner peace, confidence and courage. Regular meditation has also noticeably increased my ability to process my emotions.

My Meditation style is unique incorporating vibration energy guidance with a Zen-like approach. Become a master of your own mind. Discover your own power to shift into a higher vibration.



My business coaching and mentoring skills are derived from many years in the corporate world through my own personal development. My coaching considers the old paradigm of doing business, such as the concept of “Us against them” and focuses on expanding the new dimension of working in collaborative, holistic manner.

With over 40 years of corporate experience, and a deep understanding of various cultures and economic values, I am well placed to help the corporate sector lift into the new paradigm of wellness.


  • Metabolism Enhancement  (Herbal Weight Loss / Stress Reduction)
  • Personal Health and Environmental Issues
  • Costs per session are structured based on the goal of the group / individual.


My conceptualisation of corporate wellness is the wellbeing of the business as an entity.

This benefits employees, employers, organisations, communities and society in general. When people are well they are more inclined and able to contribute to the community and beyond which improves economical, cultural, ecological and social outcomes.

Michael’s expertise;



Albert Einstein proved that everything in the Universe is energy. All energy vibrates at particular frequencies.
We are energy too, and so each of us is also vibrating at a frequency. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs determine the vibration and frequency of your own energy.


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                        Consciousness and Perception Creates Ones Reality