At 69 years old I feel younger then I have ever felt. Qigong has given me a greater life force, which is reflected in all aspects of my life, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Improving Qi has deepened my understanding of my life’s mission.

I bring this gift forward by providing individual healing sessions to assist others to live in the joy that a higher Qi brings. It brings me great pleasure to assist others on their self-discovery journey.


Why Michael’s Qigong?

What I bring to Qigong is a new energetic form using natural breathing, movement, focus, relaxation and meditation.

One of the keys to doing energy work/Qigong is to be in nature, near trees and bare footed, so you may best connect to Earth. It’s the transferring of energies-2-ways-from above-from below.

Qigong is the ‘magic’ to living a longer, healthy, better and life. Most importantly, Qigong improves your overall constitution by breaking the vicious cycle of stress, it increases your energy levels, it gives you hope, strengthens your mind and keeps you mobile.

The important thing is to do Qigong regularly, that is every day, and results will happen. Qigong is available to all ages. For those of us who want to remain in active and healthy lifestyles, Qigong promotes quality of life, mobility, memory and clarity of thought.  It has also been proven to prevent all kinds of diseases.

I offer Skype sessions in person or groups, and one-on-one and at retreats.



My journey of self-discovery started in earnest in the late nineties. At that time, I started to feel restless and began seeking a greater truth of what my life was all about. I knew inside I was done with the status quo-both in the business world and in my personal relationships. I was ready to explore on a deeper level my purpose, my passion.

And, as if the Universe heard my plea, an opportunity was presented to step up!

My son, James, at the young age of 17, suffered a serious accident in 2000, which, in turn, became the catalyst for opening wider and listening to the stirrings within. It was through the exploration of  ‘healing James’ that I was forced to look outside the medical box, and find a therapeutic modality that would give my son back his ability to walk.

It was through this event that I was lead to the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong. I learned the healing energy of Qigong was about harnessing the Qi, the vital energy, or  life force of all living beings. I trusted this energy could restore the health and wellness of my son as well as assist me in my own deeper knowing. I began to fully embrace its wisdom and became a faithful student.

From this, I broadened the scope of my awareness and further studied many aspects of holistic health and spirituality. As a result of this learning, I develop a passion for humanitarian and environmental projects and now have a clearer picture of what my role is while on this planet.  And of course, my Aquarian sun sign motivates me to serve humanity and bring people together.

Now that I’m in a place of walking my truth, I’m able to serve others in a way that is completely aligned with my energetic flow. I do this by using Qigong and energy work to raise the vibrational level of all beings.

I believe by increasing Qi and raising our consciousness, we can make better choices, which will reflect in our inner strength and a greater sense of harmony and balance.

I have deep gratitude for Qigong for giving me a sense of health and wellness. It’s been revealed to me that while everything is energy, vibrating at certain frequencies, we all have the potential to increase our life force through using Qigong to assist us in becoming the best we can be.


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                        Consciousness and Perception Creates Ones Reality